powers of corruption by alex s. johnson

face I smash rose insatiate Atlas in the grip of acid paws power without boundaries crystalline moon bath joys of the seventh terror kites sail hands of the thousand motored children mobs from the hammered dark stations of the naked witch wonders from outer space observe through orbs the eyemass dawn: black marble, orchestral steel … More powers of corruption by alex s. johnson

Just be and make more by Alex S. Johnson

just be and make more they will watch without sympathy or comprehension the quiet watchmaker tinkering with cogs and wheels the architect of pulleys, suspension belts, ropes to the ceiling of a massive curving edifice long nights spent strategizing on how to make it longer, suppler, with enchanted frizz sparking on the ends. just be … More Just be and make more by Alex S. Johnson

Dragon City (story notes) A.S. Johnson

For the dragon was a city or the reverse, silver scales gleamed from paranoid dark holes and mystic beggars sparked dreadful shapes in shadows…no order to the magical parade, till a wizened, reluctant old hand with spellcraft heard the people’s call, and challenged a feckless young thing who’d rather call the ladies with his lute–but … More Dragon City (story notes) A.S. Johnson