Another Bombed Poet

Another bombed poet

experiment in hedonistic

vial spilled of the elan vital

coupon for severed heads

blood in the fridge

teetering on the stage

spilling words

as a row commences

as the scenery shifts again behind

returning to war mode

and the lances and talons of hawks

for a quick, knee-trembling high

get your blood up

discharge through death vector

at last an escape route

as the marching dollars

come into view

the high-stepping currency

shit-grin unabashed

the ranks of the traitors

with sku mark stripes and medals

little piggy eyes

my god they’re proud

mainlining the willed

failure of the many

openly jerking it

to the fires of auto-da fe

mass killers

clutching brown-streaked cash

they kept a roll up their ass

to wave in the face

of another detonated scientist

crushed physician

embattled humanitarian

breather of air

drinker of water

fan of logic and sane rhetorica

person on the only

planet we’ve got

for now


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