The Savage Parade

Step right up

and don’t be shy

see the Kingdom of Freaks

and murder them

with your eyes

crimes such as these need no alibi

when you join the savage parade


Consider Caesar, dragged forth in chains

blinded by ambition

his body rearranged

with deft slices, sufficient

to calm the crowd, that howls

as they watch the savage parade


And look at Lazarus

here’s mud in your eye–safely dead

till a daub of dirt

made him alert

now he heads the savage parade


You wanted spectacle? Why not Janus

the two-faced man

one side lies

guess it if you can

his color coverage

scrambles heliotropic

on your TV screen

glossing the savage parade


The fat lady screams

that she has bad dreams

worse than Hamlet

ain’t no cure for it

to spite the nightmares she explodes

but much sweeter fat

sticks to other people’s bones

in the savage parade


And yes there are jesters

tumblers and clowns

an agile contortionist

we’re thankful she joined us

legions of the true flesh

to put it in digest

form, freaks are the new norm

in the savage parade…




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