Rule #3,671: Don’t Annoy Your Audience

Stitched Smile Publications

I’ve got a secret for you:

We all want to sell books.

Crazy, I know. But it’s true. Whether we’re self-published, indie published, or are lucky enough to get signed by one of the Big Four, we all want people to buy–and hopefully read–our books.

Here’s another secret for you:

If you’re an author, and you’re as yet unknown–as so many of us are–and your idea of marketing is to constantly barrage and bug people with pleas to “Buy my book!” you’re not going to sell many books. In truth, you’ll probably sell less than you would have if you’d simply remained silent.

But how am I supposed to sell my book if I don’t tell anyone about it?

Great question. The answer may be simpler than you know, and here it is: Don’t tell “people” about your book. Tell ME about your book. Better yet, tell ME about YOU…

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