Evil Tracks: Karyn Crisis’ Gospel of the Witches


Alex's Evil Tracks

Karyn Crisis first came to fame as the frontwoman for the progressive/hardcore/death metal band Crisis. Her fiery lyrics, dynamic performances and vocal fluency–from a lilting soprano to the scariest growl in metal–won her international acclaim. After several albums and side projects, Crisis the band called it quits, but Karyn continued her musical and spiritual journey. In 2009, Karyn moved to San Francisco and married Davide Tiso of Ephel Duath. There in the California Bay Area she began to explore her psychic abilities and mediumship, and has become a well-respected lecturer and healer. In 2014, she joined forces with Tiso, Ross Dolan  Mike Hill and Charlie Schmid of Vaura, to form Gospel of the Witches; the band recorded 13 songs which compose the band’s debut album, Salem’s Wounds.


Alex S. Johnson: Hello again, Karyn. I’m delighted to have the opportunity once more to interview you. I’m curious if there was…

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