The Animal…Killing in Vivid Color

The Edge Presents the Animal, a gathering of forces from the hottest writers in horror and erotica today.

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

There are many ways of creating terror within a story just as there are dozens of methods to kill a man.Some are merely more creative and delicious than others. I have a particular penchant for using weapons (in wiring of course!) that no one else might think of such as epoxy guns, impeach wrenches. Imagine the tasty creations of blood and gore. The mind is a terrible thing to waste after all.

We’re counting down to the release of The Animal and this story is particularly satisfying. This is said tongue in cheek of course. Please enjoy the horrific stylings of Majanka Verstaete.


“Daddy, are elephants blue? Chris says elephants are blue,” Milly asked. Her long, blonde curls bounced up and down when she jerked her head back and gestured at her brother. At four years old, she was small for her age, resembling an…

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