War Eternal

If all the ornaments of my time here

were true crimes only I would celebrate

and you, you with the massive head wound

please come to the fore and collect your tainted blood

I have released you from my heritage

soft spot or not, the blot you made is scrubbed henceforth

or there is war eternal

yes the battle proceeds nonstop

with perfect faith, and charity, and slop

and things undone, I said I’d do, the material is food

swabbed, eaten, gorged, digested

I said I’d stop, but can’t you understand

in this war I have no friends

save but a blue alliance

flags peppered with golden menace

dragons puffing on the essential

burn mode for the celestial torrential

flat on my back, apathetic

or charging into frays eclectic

or simply serving time, my shattered compadre

who can’t hear me, mending fences in a trance

painting from a palette of the elements…



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