Assassinated by Peter Glitch

Glitch protocol online. The subject is to be terminated immediately.

Peter Glitch cannot be found.

Suspend operations?

Subject missing also.

Suggest: Peter Glitch also subject.

Override: While technically possible, this conclusion is probably erroneous. 

Glitch may function as temporary pod housing subject; however, artifacts have been introduced in the protocols deliberately to flush out animate life from pods.


Get Glitch!

Update: Glitch found. Protocol proceeds according to plan. Error: Glitch may be glitch.

Terminate operations.

Terminate Glitch. Kill two birds with one stone.

Error: Operation cannot proceed if glitch found. Manual override necessary. Only Glitch may authorize operation. Therefore…

We’re fucked?

There must be a solution–a reasonable solution to an admittedly messy problem. 

Update: Glitch found, glitch element removed. Terminate subject immediately.

Update: Glitch subject. 

Update: The ducks emerged at dawn, waddling with unusual grace, dignity and style.

Update: New program initiated. 

Error: New program contaminated by elements of old program. Glitch paradox established.

Update: Ducks. Emerged.

Fucked Solution, Reasonable Birds, Waddle Glitch, Override Grace. 


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