The Shift to Sour

the shift to sour

in their eyes as you

plummet from imaginary heights

might be more excruciating although

it’s hard to fathom greater pain.

welcome to the world of fallen idols,

her museum of decapitated dolls

smashed hips, heads and feet.

now they are your peers.

say goodbye to that buoyant druggy lift

your heart sang along with the birds–

and even things that usually phased you

just washed away.

although you will eventually discover the

museum was condemned long ago along with the

haunted house in which it sits and the proprietress

has always been engaged to the wink of the

blade, the fall-down-fade-out waking to the

aftertaste of bitter pills.

with practice, the shift to sour

may be borne with greater

equanimity or even avoided

in the first place along with the

museum the house the blade the






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