Stoner Witch by Alex S. Johnson

“This looks exactly like the inside of ours,” said Adam. Jaffe smirked. “What?” “Nothing, man. It’s just that…they’re all the same.” Adam looked baffled. He swept his fingers through his lank, shoulder-length blonde hair. “Oh yeah. Ha ha ha.” “Want something to eat?” “Sure…whattya got?” “My mom’s boss sends her care packages. I think that’s … More Stoner Witch by Alex S. Johnson

My Short Story, ‘The Manic Defence,’ in the Horror Anthology, ‘Trumpocalypse,’ by Horrified Press

Originally posted on mawrgorshin:
I have a short story, called ‘The Manic Defence,’ published in Trumpocalypse: Where Dystopian Fantasy Meets Reality, a horror/political satire anthology by Horrified Press, published in paperback on the Lulu website. The book is to be released today, April 30th! My story is a surreal political allegory, expressing political ideas I…